Speaker Profile – Ruth Ann Swansburg

Ruth Ann Swansburg is one of the co-founders of BBLink, and has been creating digital content since the late 90’s. With over 20 years experience in digital content creation and 8 years experience as a blogger and influencer, she has developed skills along the way to adapt, learn and grow with technology. Ruth Ann will … Read more Speaker Profile – Ruth Ann Swansburg

Speaker Profile – Melody Land

Our next speaker will be leading our Networking activity on April 27th. We had the pleasure of meeting Melody in person earlier this week, and we knew she would be the perfect person to help others create their elevator pitch. Melody Land is the Founder & Principal Consultant of Bluemind Lifestyle Consulting & Collaborative. About … Read more Speaker Profile – Melody Land

Speaker Profile – Jennifer Gyuricska

We can’t wait to hear what Jennifer Gyuricska of Prairie Telegraph Digital Marketing in Fredericton has to share about the Customer Journey. We first met Jennifer at Blog Jam 2018, and her presentation was so packed with valuable information and tools. About Jennifer: Jennifer Gyuricska is a digital marketer and strategist who began her career … Read more Speaker Profile – Jennifer Gyuricska

Speaker Profile – Natalie Davison & Cearagh Vessey

Next up we have the pleasure to introduce you to Natalie and Cearagh from Marrow Marketing. This dynamic team is helping businesses create connections and show the world what they are made of. About Natalie & Cearagh: Natalie Davison is the visionary half of Marrow Marketing. Be prepared to dig deep because she won’t allow … Read more Speaker Profile – Natalie Davison & Cearagh Vessey

Speaker Profile – Jennifer Naugler

We are thrilled to announce Jennifer Naugler as our Keynote speaker this year. Jennifer is the owner and CEO of Simple Local Life and Simple Local Social. She is the perfect fit for our event because she is doing exactly what we are encouraging at BBLink 2019, sharing stories of local businesses and developing partnerships … Read more Speaker Profile – Jennifer Naugler

Who Are We?

Michelle Collins and Ruth Ann Swansburg are the founders of BBLink 2019. They are both bloggers based out of Moncton NB. In 2016, over many coffee dates, they started talking about the need to link bloggers / influencers and businesses, to create more community-based connections between businesses and their potential clients. After a blogger’s conference … Read more Who Are We?