7 Reasons To Work With An Influencer

Why should YOU work with an Influencer?

While most brands and businesses know they should be working with influencers when asked WHY they often do not quite know or understand why. They are being told to reach out to influencers to help in their marketing strategies, but they are not sure why. 

Here are our 7 reasons for working with influencers.

They Build Brand Awareness

Influencers are the link between the brand and consumers. The brand awareness they build is unrivaled in traditional PR strategies (ie. press releases, billboards, and expensive print ads).

** 92% of consumers today trust review sites, such as TripAdvisor, Yelp and social media (including influencers). While only 33% of people trust traditional ads from brands, which also includes content shared via social media. (Source: e-influence, 2017)

They Are Communication Experts

Influencers have developed their digital communication skills while building their brand. They are experts at communicating a brand’s message in a way that their followers will engage and connect.

They Are Trusted By Their Audience

The influencer is their brand, and their brand is something the public trusts. Influencers offer their audiences honest experiences, reviews, and opinions. The moment an influencer starts talking about you, your brand and how great your products are they start generating leads for your business. If you make a trustworthy influencer the face of your campaign, you will generate sales. On average 8 in 10 consumers make a purchase after reading about a product or service on a blog or social channel by that influencer.

They Have Built A Community 

Influencers are excellent at communicating a brand’s vision and message in a way that their followers will engage and connect. They have built their communities, and their audience is following them for their opinions and personal connections.

They Know Their Audience

When you work with an influencer, they have a good idea of who their audience is. You can understand with whom your collaboration will reach from their knowledge of their followers and how to best engage with them.

They are Creating Content

Influencers are creating content about your business online. When creating content to share on their sites and social channels, the links help you and mentions increase awareness of your brand. Another option is you hire them to create content for your social channels or website. Social media takeovers are something that we are seeing more and more as businesses identify the influencers that reach their target audience, and can help expand the company’s reach.

NOTE: If you plan to use the content on your social channels and website, you must negotiate that ahead of time. The influencer owns rights to all content they produce unless negotiated as part of their contract that you own the rights of distribution.

They Are Creative

If you want something different, a new and fresh approach, give an influencer and idea and let them be creative. Influencer marketing offers some of the most competitive and creative marketing options available, and a successful influencer is always looking for ways to connect more, reach more, and offer their partners more.

BONUS REASON: Their Audience Remembers Who Told Them

Unlike a print ad or radio promotion, when an influencer talks about your product or service and shares their thoughts and experiences, their audience will remember who told them. This also means the information is easy to find again, as the viewer simply needs to go to their website or look at the social media feeds to find the information they seek.


So, there you have it, our top 7 reasons you should be working with influencers. Now, don’t forget to get your ticket for BBLink 2020 today!

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