Speaker Profile – Jennifer Naugler

We are thrilled to announce Jennifer Naugler as our Keynote speaker this year. Jennifer is the owner and CEO of Simple Local Life and Simple Local Social. She is the perfect fit for our event because she is doing exactly what we are encouraging at BBLink 2019, sharing stories of local businesses and developing partnerships between businesses and influencers!

About Jennifer:

Jennifer Naugler is the owner and CEO of Simple Local Life, a media company celebrating life on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. Recognizing the lack of a local voice talking about all the fantastic things happening where she lived, Jennifer started Simple Local Life in November of 2015. She blogged for a year…without any making any money…to see what the response was, and her own enthusiasm for it.

At her one year anniversary, she committed to turning Simple Local Life into a business. She started treating it like a job and began making money shortly after. By April 2017, Jennifer was blogging full-time. She works promoting local businesses and events through Facebook Live series, content creation, local gift guides and more. In the past year, she has added 3 contributors to Simple Local Life. Simple Local Life has become a trusted resource and influencer in her small, rural market.

Simple Local Life has been featured and interviewed in LighthouseNow, The Sheldon Macleod Show and Weekend Gardener with Nikki Jabbour on NewsRadio 95.7 and has written for the Now Lunenburg County magazine. She has partnered with and been sponsored by Presidents Choice, Natrel, Mosher Motors Ford Ltd, Gow’s Home Hardware, Bridgewater Pharmasave, Wile’s Lake Farm Market, the Lahave River Credit Union and recently signed a multi-year long contract with PropertyGuys.Com.  

Seeing the need for social media consulting, training, workshops and more, that many local businesses were looking for, this past fall, Jennifer also started Simple Local Social and has hired a full-time employee to assist with this new, fast-growing division. 

Jennifer sees huge potential for local businesses in the online space and is happy to help them reach their market.

Simple Local Life

You can find out more about Jennifer and see what she is up to at www.simplelocallife.com or on Facebook or Instagram.

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