Speaker Profile – Natalie Davison & Cearagh Vessey

Next up we have the pleasure to introduce you to Natalie and Cearagh from Marrow Marketing. This dynamic team is helping businesses create connections and show the world what they are made of.

About Natalie & Cearagh:

Natalie Davison is the visionary half of Marrow Marketing. Be prepared to dig deep because she won’t allow you to stay on the surface. Natalie is a passionate advocate for leading with meaning and purpose and helps her clients think bigger about their businesses. An expert at building audiences, particularly on social media, Natalie’s work in this space has been recognized by Canadian Contractor Magazine, The Financial Post and Social Media For
Business, For Dummies.

Cearagh is the integrator half of Marrow. With her background in project management, she is the reason our projects stay on time and on budget. But don’t let her analytical approach fool you, she is also a yoga instructor, former co-host of a hit Facebook Live talk show and a natural creative when it comes to the right mediums.

Together, they are a perfect blend of speaking + listening, facilitating truly interactive workshops that will leave their audiences with an entirely new perspective about their lives and their businesses.

Find out more about Natalie and Cearagh over at www.madeofmarrow.com and Facebook.


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