Speaker Profile: Kerra AuCoin Mansfield

Kerra AuCoin Mansfield is the brains and the face behind KA Social Media Consulting and the blog Eat, Drink & Be You. Social media comes naturally to Kerra; with a background in marketing and human resources management, she understands how authentic digital engagement benefits both customers and companies alike.

Social media might come naturally to some, but it doesn’t come easily to everyone. It takes work. This is where Kerra comes in to connect small business owners and entrepreneurs with their ideal clients in real life, as well as online. Being in business since 2014, Kerra has helped hundreds of small business owners navigate the ever-changing online world.

Her workshop at BBLink 2020 will help you Master The Best Mix For Your Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a must for any business in 2020. Like most things in life if you fail to plan, plan to fail – and that is 100 percent accurate when it comes to social media and blogging. Each platform provides unique user experiences, and there are tricks you can leverage to navigate the online world, attract the right audiences and boost brand exposure seamlessly!

Social media is all about building relationships, engaging with your followers in a meaningful way and educating them on your product or service.

Are you still auto-posting from one platform to another and hoping it sticks? Each platform is unique and your followers deserve better. Don’t want to spend time building relationships and engagements on each platform? It’s simple DON’T be there!

In this session, I will share recommendations on what to do on Social Media and more importantly what NOT to do on Social Media. We will discuss:

  • The most popular Social Media platforms
  • What platforms you should be on
  • How often you should be posting on a daily/weekly basis
  • What tactics work and don’t work on Social Media

Join us for this session, and leave with a better understanding of social media marketing and the best ways to use it for your business or blog.

You can follow and connect with Kerra on Facebook & Instagram.

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