Speaker Profile: Melody Land

Melody is returning to share her networking tips in our exclusive Facebook group (you have to buy your ticket to join us!), and she will be presenting a very powerful workshop at BBLink on knowing your worth!

Melody really likes people.

Really. Really. 

In fact, people are her life work. Her purpose. Her passion.

If she can help people, she’s happy. And she’s pretty happy, ‘cause she’s pretty good at helping people. 

Melody is a curious blend of loving, crunchy-granola, zen, shy, creative, intuitive goofball mixed with professional, direct, strong-willed, knowledgeable, mover-and-shaker. She helps others figure out where they’ve been, where they are now, and where they’re going.  Then she helps them develop (and use!) the tools needed to get there.

With a wide range of education and experience that includes Mental Health Counselling,
Organizational Behaviour, Coaching, Program Development, and Professional Content Writing, Melody is noted as a key person to when services to be developed and/or provided quickly, efficiently, with a high level of excellence and professionalism. Over the past 10 years she has honed her skills as a holistic Employment Specialist, who helps teens, young adults, and others who need her, find their path. 

With a proven track record of success, she regularly excels when she has the ability to create and think outside the box, working in a self-motivated fashion, and creating a collaborative working environment. Being connected to a wide network of professionals and service providers gives Melody the reach she needs to connect the pieces of whatever puzzle is presented to her.



It’s uncomfortable. You don’t do it in polite society. Some may even call it taboo. Yes, we are talking about money. 

For those of us who sell services as opposed to stuff, a very real concern often centres around the question – how do I know what to charge? The truth is, money isn’t really the issue. Worth is. Money is only a tool we use to measure worth. At BBLink we will unabashedly investigate and deconstruct the idea of determining your worth, and the implications of it on your business’ bottom line. 



In this short web series, learn theory, tips, and tricks about networking so you can be prepared to maximize the every opportunity for connection at BBLink!

You can fin Melody online at Bluemind Lifestyle, Facebook and Instagram.

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