Speaker Profile: Mike Tanner

Mike Tanner is the Director of Communications for Divine Renovation Ministry and Founder of OneRedCat Media. His book, Really Little Wins outlines the productivity method he uses to work with entrepreneurs and creative professionals in his coaching work. He’s the Director of Podcamp Halifax and speaks at conferences and events throughout Atlantic Canada. He hosts multiple podcasts including one about potato chips and is awoken every morning at 6:13 on the dot by one or both of his children. He designs board games, writes books, and is working very hard on the ability to say no to things.

Mike’s workshop, Stop Trying To Work Harder, will help to wipe out the myth that you’re not succeeding because you’re not working hard enough. Mike will help us put in place healthy and successful habits to be more productive and hence, far more successful.

You can find Mike here on Facebook and Instagram.

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