Who Should Attend

As a business, you have influence…as a blogger/influencer, you are a business…join our colony.

You’re Invited!

Regardless of your business, we are all trying to stand out in a crowd. This is where working with others can set you apart from the rest.

This day of workshops will support all types of businesses and initiate collaborative partnerships in the community.

BBLink 2020 is for anyone who wants to increase their influence in the local Atlantic Canadian marketplace.

The day will be presented in the form of several workshops aimed at developing a collaborative mindset and creating action plans to move your business forward.


What’s The Buzz? What our BBLink 2019 participants had to say!

Simple Local Life and Marrow really spoke to me and kept me engaged because they went in with purpose and a plan and stayed on track.

~ Abby from reveriemoncton.com

It was a great day and went fast! Could actually be longer, so many great speakers. I loved how much interaction happened, lots of talk.

~ Kim Eagles from Kaos Solutions

Loved it! Such a great intimate atmosphere! The team did a great job!
~ Sylvie  from Eclair Lips

Thanks for the fantastic opportunity to get together and learn with others in the online space. Great size attendance. I felt able to comment and share without there being so many people to make it uncomfortable.
~ Kimberly Tobin from pagesandpekoe.com

BBLink 2019 exceeded my expectations. Marrow (presentation), I had a “lightbulb” moment in terms of my direction of my blog.
~ Jeff Nagle from The Roaming Mind / Dovico